Brazil forms a national network of universities to offer postgraduate course in soils


The Brazilian government agency for promoting postgraduate education, CAPES, approved the formation of a consortium of universities to offer a postgraduate course in Geoprocessing, Soil Survey and Interpretation, to be offered remotely, starting on January 2023. The project of the course integrates the future proposal of the Pronasolos University and its general objective is to train public agents and professionals in soil characterization, survey and mapping and interpretation of this resource for agricultural and environmental purposes.

The professionals will work in various activities and institutions, especially in the National Program for the Survey and Interpretation of Soils in Brazil (PronaSolos), which has the objective of mapping Brazilian soils, at scales ranging from 1:25,000 to 1:100,000. The lack of detailed information on Brazilian soils is a serious problem for national development, since, currently, less than 5% of the national territory has soil maps at detailed scales of 1:100,000 or greater.

The project of the postgraduate course was planned to be the origin of a future Pronasolos University. It is a partnership of Brazilian Universities, including, initially, the UFRRJ, UFV, UFMG, UFRA and UFG, with the support of the Brazilian Soil Science Society (SBCS) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA).