Gallery of Honorees

The SBCS Statute provides for the distinction and tribute to outstanding people in Soil Science in Brazil. For this, there is a special category of honorary members, in addition to the awarding of the Antonio Carlos Moniz Award.

On this page, you will see the gallery of all SBCS honorees. By clicking on the names, you will be able to know a little more about them. Information on some honorees is still being obtained by SBCS and any contribution will be welcome.

Honorary Members

The Honorary Membership category symbolizes SBCS’s homage and recognition to people who have made a notable contribution to the development of Soil Science in Brazil.

Honorary members are appointed to the Executive Secretariat by at least one third of the members of the Directing Council, or by the boards of two Specialized Divisions of SBCS or three Regional or State Nucleus, or by a group of 30 (thirty) effective members.

Know the Regulations for the nomination of a new honorary member

Meet the Honorary Members of SBCS

Egon KlamtEuripedes Malavolta
(in memorian)
Francisco da Costa VerdadeGuido Ranzanni
(in memorian)
Johoanna Döoberreiner
(in memorian)
José Emílio Gonçalves Araújo
Marcelo Nunes Camargo
(in memorian)
Luiz Bezerra de Oliveira
(in memorian)
José Mário Braga
(in memorian)
Raymundo Fonseca Souza
 Victor Hugo Alvarez

Antonio Carlos Moniz Award

Eurípedes Malavolta
(XXXI CBCS – Gramado, RS – 2007)
Paulo Tito Klinger Jacomine
(XXXII CBCS – Fortaleza – 2009)
Roberto Ferreira de Novais
(XXXIII CBCS – Uberlândia, MG – 2011)
Nestor Kampf
(XXXIV CBCS – Florianópolis, SC – 2013)
Igo Fernando Lepsch
(XXXV CBCS, Natal-RN,2015)
João Mielniczuk
(XXXVI CBCS-Belém- 2017)
Mariangela Hungria da Cunha
(XXXVII CBCS, Cuiabá, MT, 2019)

Meritorious Members

The previous SBCS Statute also provided for the category of Meritorious Members. This category no longer exists in the current Statute, but even so, SBCS considers those who were defined in the previous period as meritorious members.

Luiz FreitasFrancisco Grohmann
(in memorian)
Paulo Tito Klinger Jacomine
(in memorian)
Mauro Resende
Murillo Pundek
(in memorian)
João Bertoldo de Oliveira
Raphael David dos Santos