Division 2 – Soil Properties and Processes

The scientific structure of the SBCS is composed of four Divisions, which are subdivided into nine Specialized Commissions in the different areas of Soil Science.

Upon becoming members of the SBCS, researchers choose to participate in up to two Commissions of any Division.

The Divisions are managed by a Director, an assistant Director, a title-holding member, and a substitute chosen from among the members of each Division. Each Commission is managed by a Coordinating Committee, made up of a Coordinator, an assistant Coordinator, and three other members, also elected from among the members of each Commission.

The SBCS anticipates that the Divisions and Commissions strengthen research in their respective areas and have influence and representation in the national and regional sphere in science and also in political policy, creating and conveying proposals and motions in the name of the Society.

Meet the members of Division 2

Division 2 – Processes and Soil Properties

Arnaldo Colozzi Filho (Director)

Quirijn de Jong van Lier (Deputy Director).

Commission 2.1. Soil Biology

Arnaldo Colozzi Filho (Coordinator)

George Gardner Brown (Vice Coordinator)

Dilmar Baretta and Siu Mui Tsai (Full Members)

Fatima Maria de Souza Moreira and Maria Catarina Megumi Kasuya (Alternate Members)

Commission 2.2. Soil Physics

Quirijn de Jong van Lier (Coordinator)

Marta Vasconcelos Ottoni (Vice-Coordinator)

Hugo Alberto Ruiz and Paulo Leonel Libardi (Full Members)

José Miguel Reichert and Wenceslau Geraldes Teixeira (Alternate Members)

Commission 2.3. Soil Mineralogy

Eloise Mello Viana (Coordinator)

Valdomiro Souza Junior (Vice-Coordinator)

Vander de Freitas Melo and Antônio Carlos Saraiva da Costa (Full Members)

Sebastião Barreiros Calderano and Antônio Carlos Azevedo (Alternate Members)

Commission 2.4. Soil Chemistry

Tales Tiecher (Coordinator)

Vânia da Silva Fraga (Vice-Coordinator),

Leonidas Carrijo Azevedo Melo and André Guarconi Martins (Full Members),

Nairam Felix de Barros and Cassio Hamilton Abreu Junior (Alternate Members)