Soil Fertility and Biology


FertBio is a meeting promoted every two years by SBCS, always in even years, to bring together researchers in the areas of Fertility and Soil Biology.

The event integrates the following meetings:

  • Brazilian Meeting on Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, Brazilian Meeting on Mycorrhides, Brazilian Symposium on Soil Microbiology, Brazilian Meeting of Soil Biology.

FertBio has provided excellent opportunities for the promotion of debates in the major thematic areas and for the congregation of professionals and students, consolidating the desire of all to integrate the various areas of knowledge in Soil Science.

Check out an opinionated article on FertBio: “FertBio must be an intellectual platform to support Soil Science” – click here to download

FertBio 2016 was held between October 16 and 20, in Goiânia-GO and was organized by the Midwest Regional Nucleus in partnership with the Federal University of Goiás.

The event was chaired by professors Leonardo Santos Collier (UFG) and Milton Moraes (UFMT), and had as its theme: “FertBio2016 Towards the new challenges”.

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