The Brazilian Soil Science Society (SBCS) was created in 1947 to bring together people and institutions in the promotion and development of Soil Science in Brazil. It is a non-profit scientific and civil entity currently headquartered in the Soil Department of the Federal University of Viçosa-MG.

The main purposes of the Brazilian Soil Science Society are:

-To promote and enhance the gathering and intelectual exchange amongst those who work in research, teaching, divulgation or in technical activities related to the knowledge and better utilization of soil and water in Brazil.

II – To disseminate the knowledge of scientific methodolgy and adequate techniques in the exploitation, treatment and conservation of soil and water.

III – To deal with the adequation and uniformization of soils nomenclature and representation as well as the methods of analysis and their quality controls.

IV -To ensure and cooperate with the improvement of the Brazilian Soil Classification System and to the detailing of soil surveys in Brazil.

– To stimulate the establishment of soils specialized libraries, museums and reference centers.