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The Brazilian Soil Science Society (SBCS in its portuguese acronym) was established in 1947, aiming to join people and institutions towards the promotion and development of Soil Science in Brazil. It is qualified as a civil, non-profit scientific organization. Its headquarters are located at the Soils Department in the Federal University of Viçosa, Minas Gerais State.

The main purposes of the Brazilian Soil Science Society are:

-To promote and enhance the gathering and intelectual exchange amongst those who work in research, teaching, divulgation or in technical activities related to the knowledge and better utilization of soil and water in Brazil.

II – To disseminate the knowledge of scientific methodolgy and adequate techniques in the exploitation, treatment and conservation of soil and water.

III – To deal with the adequation and uniformization of soils nomenclature and representation as well as the methods of analysis and their quality controls.

IV -To ensure and cooperate with the improvement of the Brazilian Soil Classification System and to the detailing of soil surveys in Brazil.

– To stimulate the establishment of soils specialized libraries, museums and reference centers.

SBCS is organized in four Divisions and  fifteen Commissions. Due to the continental dimensions of Brazil, SBCS has eight Regional/State branches comprising the different parts of the country.


Soil in Space and Time;

Soil Properties and Processes;

Soil Use and Management;

Soil, Environment and Sociey


Since 1977 SBCS publishes the Brazilian Journal of Soil Science, an indexed, peer-reviewed journal, which good impact factor makes it well-recognized within the soil science community.  Special editions of textbooks and a biennial series called Topics in Soil Science are also published and have contributed to knowledge advancements and technological innovation in many fields of soil science in tropical/sub-tropical conditions. The Information Bulletin is another serial publication.


SBCS regularly promotes several scientific meetings. Since 1947, the Brazilian Congress of Soil Science has been the most proeminent. Other events are thematic, like the FertBio (Soil Fertility and Biology) , the Brazilian Meeting on Soil and Water Management and Conservation , the Brazilian Symposium on Soil Education , the Brazilian Meeting on Soil Classification and Correlation  and the Regional/State Soil Science Meetings 

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