Northeast Regional Nucleus

SBCS is divided into Regional or State Nucleus, decentralizing its administration and encouraging members to participate in research and debates on regional topics.

Each Nucleus has its own board and the directors of the Nucleus make up the SBCS Directing Council.

By joining SBCS, the partner becomes part of the Nucleus where his area of activity is located.

The administration of the Nucleus websites is the responsibility of its board.

The Northeast Regional Nucleus is formed by members from the following states: BA, SE, AL, PB, PE, CE, RN, PI.

Meet the current board of the Northeast Regional Nucleus (2021/2023)

Director: Maria Eugenia Ortiz Escobar (UFC)

1st Vice-Director: Carolina Malala Martins Souza (UFERSA)

2nd Vice-Director: Henrique Antunes de Souza (Embrapa)

General Secretary: Ygor Jacques Agra Bezerra da Silva (UFRPE)

Treasurer: Paula Renata Muniz Araújo (UFRPE)

Counselor: Clístenes Williams Araújo do Nascimento (UFRPE)

Student Representative: Pâmalla Graziely Carvalho Morais (UFPI)

Editorial Board: Henrique Antunes de Souza (Embrapa Meio Norte) and Luiz Francisco da Silva Souza Filho (UFOB)


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