Brazilian Symposium on Soil Education

The Brazilian Symposium on Soil Education is an event promoted every two years by SBCS and organized by Division 4 – Soil, Environment and Society; with the support of teaching and research institutions, as well as regional centers.

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X Brazilian Symposium on Soil Education (2021)

The X Brazilian Symposium on Soil Education (SBES) was promoted by the Northeast Nucleus of SBCS between March 2 and 5, 2021. The event, totally online due to the pandemic, was organized by the Federal University of Vale do São Francisco (Univasf), in partnership with the Federal Institute of Bahia (IF Baiano) and the State University of Santa Cruz (UESC).

The symposium had as its central theme “The Voice of the Invisible in Society and academia” and its objective was to draw the attention of the population to the need for soil preservation, which “is at the center of life on the planet”, as highlighted by Professor Carmem Sueze Silva Miranda, president of the organizing committee of the event.

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IX Brazilian Symposium on Soil Education (2018)

The 9th edition of the Brazilian Symposium on Soil Education (IX SBES) was held between May 15 and 19, 2018, on the campus of the Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR), in Dois Vizinhos, Paraná. The event brings together and brings together students, teachers and researchers working with soil education in Brazil and had as its theme “the dialogue between extension and basic education in rural areas”.

The Brazilian Symposium on Soil Education is promoted by Division 4 of The SBCS (Soil Environment and Society) and this edition was supported by the Paraná State Nucleus of SBCS. The event was chaired by Professor Elisandra Pocojeski, with the support of other teachers of the UTFPR. The IX SBES registered the participation of about 300 people from all over Brazil, 29 speakers and presentation of papers in posters and oral sessions.

XIII Brazilian Symposium on Soil Education (2016)

Between September 7 and 10, 2016, at USP, the SBCS promotes VIII Brazilian Symposium on Soil Education (SBES). The event, organized by the Department of Geography of USP and chaired by Professor Déborah de Oliveira, brought together students and researchers linked to higher education institutions that investigate and develop work in the area of teaching and research of Solos. The symposium reinforces the importance of soil teaching and a pedagogical vision for the work of land use and conservation in sustainable ways.

The main theme symposium “Soil education in the urban environment and the popularization of Soil Science” Lectures, workshops and working groups sought to stimulate the articulation and exchange of ideas, information, experiences and knowledge among the participants of the symposium, formed by pedagogues, geographers, agronomists, biologists, geologists and chemists, teachers, researchers, academics and professionals from other areas focused on the theme of the symposium.

According to the president of the event, Déborah de Oliveira, the symposium in a large city like São Paulo was an opportunity to disseminate research and actions related to education on the use and conservation of soils developed from the reality of the urban environment.

The SBCS Board of Directors was represented at the event by SBCS General Secretary Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti and SBCS Division 4 Board, Cristine Carole Mugler.

Simposio educação 7


VII Brazilian Symposium on Soil Education (2014)

The VII Brazilian Symposium on Soil Education was held from 27 to 30 May 2014 in Recife and organized by UFRPE, UNIVASF, Embrapa Solos and Embrapa Semiarid. The event had as its theme “Soil, Environment and Society: cultivating knowledge and experiences” and had 211 participants and 96 papers presented. The coordination was by Professor Caroline Biondi, from UFRPE.

The staff team of VII SBES, in Recife-PE, in 2014.